Outdoor Decorations

Out of focus Christmas Lights ‘Tis the season for snow, parties, and decorations! So much of the fun in throwing a holiday party is putting your personalized touch on the event with your own embellishments and this season is really known for its outdoor decorations! There are many decorating options you can choose from but many of our favorites involve Christmas lights. They are versatile, come in a variety of colors, and make a bright statement.

One outdoor decoration you may want to consider are the Christmas Light Balls. They are commonly made from chicken wire that has been rounded into sphere shapes. Then Christmas lights are wound through them so they shine at night. Other variations include smaller versions made from twine or from hanging baskets.

There are many ways to decorate with the Christmas Light Balls. They can be scattered on the lawn of the venue to illuminate the yard in a sea of bright, vibrant colors. Alternatively, they can be lined up near the walkway displaying one bright color to help light the way for your guests. The smaller light balls can be hung from an entranceway to create a warm feeling with soft lighting as your guests enter. For more information on the Christmas Light Balls and other holiday decorations, check out our Pintrest board.

Picking out the right decorations is an important part of any holiday party that should be fun!! Feel free to check out the decorations we rent but keep in mind that we can also track down other must have items. If we cannot find it from one of our worldwide manufactures, then our professional team will help create it just for you. We just need an idea, photograph or drawing to get started. Contact us today with any questions!