Metallic Trend

With a New Year comes new trends! Many brides and grooms to be have started planning their 2016 nuptials. There are many new trends that are happening for the 2016 wedding season and Bridal Guide sums them up nicely in this article. One of our favorites is what they are calling “Bright On” or the metallic trend. More and more people are seeing the versatility of metallic, and it is predicted to be incorporated in everything from “…rings to table linens.”

We cannot help but agree that adding some glitz and glam to your wedding is a great way to make a lasting expression on your guests. Sparkle can be added to your invitations, your table settings, or even your floral arrangements. We have a wide array of overlays and tablecloths that will add the right amount of oomph to your decor.

Fiori-Leaf-Sequins-Grey.jpgOur Brilliant Sheer Sequins, Fiori Leaf Sequins, or Sienna Design are just some examples of linen that will give you more of a light, glitzy feel for your event. They are great for more prestigious events or when you just want just a hint of sparkle that only comes when the light catches the sequins just right.

 If you are looking for linen that will make a more dramatic statement, take a look at our String Metallic, Glitz, or Taffeta Sequin selections. String-Metallic-Purple.jpgThese fabrics offer a vibrant sparkle but it is the color you choose that will make the biggest impact. For a lighter feel without losing the sparkle, consider champagne, blush, or white. Something dynamic and bright? Consider turquoise, fuchsia or bright purple. For a more elegant color look at some of our darker selections such as eggplant or black. These are just a few of the linen types and colors that will offer the shine you desire.