How do I contact Gala Rentals?

You may contact us by phone, email, or online chat seven days a week. Our friendly and knowledgeable service team is available weekdays until 10 PM EST and weekends until 5 PM EST at 800-402-8871.

When should I place my order?

We recommend placing your order at least 3-6 months in advance for most event rental items.  We will accept orders up to 2 weeks before your event for orders that need to be shipped.  For local deliveries and pick-up orders we will accept orders at any time.  Please remember the earlier you place your order the more likely your choices will be available for your event.  Keep in mind, we service all of North America and what was available this morning may not be by this afternoon.

How do I place an order?

Ordering from Gala Rentals is easy. You may order online through our website, by online chat, email, fax, or by phone. When placing your order we will need your best estimate for your guest count; which can be decreased by up to 15% until two weeks prior to your event.  Increases to your order will be subject to availability.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations may be made at any time; however, cancellations made within 2 weeks of the event or less may not be cancelled because the order is already in the shipment process. The 50% deposit paid when your order was placed is non-refundable.  As a courtesy to our customers we will allow a deposit paid on an order, which is subsequently cancelled, to be transferred to a new order for up to one year from the date the deposit was paid.  This allows you to change the date of your event due to unforeseen circumstances without losing your deposit.

Is there a minimum order?

Gala Rentals policy is, and always has been, no order is too big or small.

Is set up and/or delivery of rental items included in the rental price?

Gala Rentals prices do not include set up or delivery of rented items.  Delivery is based upon distance our trucks will have to travel to make delivery.  Many of our items are available to be shipped when your event is outside of our delivery area.  Costs for delivery/shipping and set up are clearly indicated on Gala Rentals quotes and contracts.

Why do you restrict me from setting up or picking up certain items?

Some of our rental items are very bulky, fragile, or set process are too complex or require use of specialized equipment.  Our delivery vehicles are specialized to handle these items.  Rental trucks and personal vehicles are very unlikely to have the capability to move these items without damaging them.  For the safety of the rental items and the personal safety of you and your guests we reserve the right to restrict who may set up and pick up certain items to include only staff of Gala Rentals.

What happens if something is lost or damaged?

Upon return, all rental items are counted and inspected by Gala Rentals. Gala Rentals’ count is the final count.  You will be charged the replacement cost for all missing items or items returned damaged. You will not be charged for damages that occur under normal usage. However, you will be charged for damages that occur from improper use. Before packing rental items for return, make sure to remove any food, flowers or other miscellaneous debris. All china, glassware, chargers and silverware must be rinsed clean prior to being packed for return.  Cleaning fees will be applied for items returned unrinsed.

I rented linen items and some got wet.  What do I do?

Do not put wet linens in plastic bags.  Within 2 hours of placing wet linens in plastic bags they will begin to mold.  Linens with mold on them are not attempted to be cleaned by Gala Rentals, they are discarded and the customer will be responsible for the replacement costs.  If you have a Saturday event and linens are wet it would be best to leave wet linens out to air dry.  The first business day after the event the linens must be shipped out.  Our return shipping bags are breathable to help limit mold formation.

I rented linen and after the event they are stained.  I don’t want to be charged for them, can I just wash them myself to try and remove the stains?

We can appreciate your desire to not be charged for the stained linen.  It really is best to leave it to our staff to attempt to remove stains.  We have methods of cleaning only available to professional laundries and dry cleaners.  Please leave the stain removal to us.  We know you have the best intentions, but could end up doing more harm than good.

I paid the damage waiver so it doesn’t really matter what happens to this stuff, right?

Payment of a damage waiver does not eliminate responsibility for damages to rental item.  The damage waiver only covers accidental damages not damages due to negligence or misuse.