Decorating Bride and Groom Chairs

Fancy flowers chiavari chairsThere are so many chair rental options available when planning a wedding. Many people begin thinking about chairs when the venue presents what they have available, most times at an additional cost. Keep in mind that choosing the right chair for your event can save you time, money, and effort. This is certainly true with Chiavari Chairs. They are elegant and stylish in their own right so there is little need to take the time or additional expense to add embellishments.

Groom - Chiavari ChairsEven though they do not need any extra decoration, there are so many creative things to try with these chairs that just might catch your eye while planning your wedding. One way to give into your creative side but still save yourself time and money is to focus your efforts on the bride & groom’s chairs or the chairs of the bridal party. This will set the bridal table apart while allowing you some creative freedom. This is also a great idea if you plan on using thicker or longer material with the decoration. The excess material can make a dramatic effect but may make the chair too heavy or cumbersome for your guests, especially if you have children in attendance.


Some embellishments to consider would be adding personalized tags to the chairs that display “Bride” & “Groom”. The chairs can also be linked together with ribbon to symbolize the new union. Linen can be intricately weaved throughout the chair and then left free flowing to create the illusion of a train coming from the back of the chair. The options to decorate these chairs really are endless!


Heart decorations on Chiavari ChairsMake sure to check out our selection of chairs and chair accessories! We are here to help if you have any questions, want decorating ideas, or need a special order item!