Consider the Lighting

rustic-themeWhen you are planning an outdoor event you have the added bonus of beautiful natural lighting. Whether it is sunny, overcast, or even a bit rainy, the light will contribute to the ambiance of the event and provide the inspiration to your photographer. As the sun sets there is a subtle, more romantic, change to the atmosphere as well. If you choose to continue your event after dark this is the time that the lighting you choose will shine.

Beyond ambiance, lighting serves a purpose. You want to make sure that the focus of your event stays on the tables, dance floors, or band. If you have bright or fluorescent lighting, you may end up illuminating more of your venue than you originally intended, this can really draw your guests focus away from the event at hand.

Consider a softer lighting that adds, not detracts, to the ambiance of your event. This can include strung lighting, unique lighting fixtures strategically placed, candlelight or brighter lighting dimmed and toned down with decorative linen. Another idea is to incorporate colored lighting. Variants of pinks or purples can complement danceflooryour guests and offset the colors you have chosen for your event.

Lighting is an important feature and can enhance all other aspects of your event. To ensure you have made the right choice make sure to visit your
venue at night so you have an accurate idea of how effective your lighting choices will be. Consult with us today for even more lighting ideas!