All About Linen – Cloth vs Paper Napkins

napkin-547942_640In today’s All About Linen article we are going to talk about table settings, specifically napkins! Napkins are one of those must need but often overlooked details when planning for your wedding. They serve a very practical purpose but also provide an integral decorative piece of your table setting.

The first thing you have to do is decide between linen and paper. Paper napkins vary greatly in weight, size, and softness. Paper napkins can also be customizable. Of course you can choose the right color that will complement your table setting but you can also print your own details on the napkins. You can choose a simple wedding design such as a traditional bride and groom, wedding bells, or create a design that is unique to your wedding. In addition, your names and the date of the wedding can be engraved on the back to create a keepsake.

Linen napkins are more luxurious than paper napkins and bring more formality to your wedding. If you are renting the cloth napkins you won’t be able to engrave them. However, they come in a variety of colors, prints and sizes. There are also many added ways to decorate these napkins. dishes-596188_640You can add flowers, napkin rings, lace and so much more to create a unique and festive look.

If elegance is what you are going for we strongly recommend renting linen napkins for your event. Tune in to our All About Linen series next time for more information on folding the fancy silverware pouch and just how to decorate it. Contact us for a personalized consultation!