All About Chargers

charger plate GP-0224-gold white(1)The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word charger is my phone. It seems to always need a charge! I have a charger in my car, at my desk, and even in the bedroom. While many concur that your phone or tablet should be fully charged during your event, it isn’t quite what event planners mean when they start to talk about chargers.

Chargers, or service plates, are large decorative plates that represent a place setting when your guests initially come to the table. Chargers enhance the first impression that your guests have of the table setting. They are vibrant and interesting to look at; as chargers are not used as dinner plates they can be made out of different material than typical dishware. This includes pearl, stoneware, wood in addition to more traditional materials.

Not only do chargers shape your guests first impression, they can also leave a lastingcharger plate GP-0217-silver(1) impression. Chargers are typically used for meals that consist of several courses and can stay on the table throughout the majority of the meal. The chargers act as base for the salad, soup and entrée dishes. They can really enhance the other dishes used
 throughout the meal. A plain white dish is simple and elegant; a charger can add a more vibrant undertone to really complement the theme of your wedding.   

 Chargers have been around for centuries and are the epitome of tradition. They can add a hint of style and sophistication to any event. Consider adding chargers to your next event to make the dining experience more memorable for your guests.



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