Decorating with Cloth


Table Setting - Purple, Green, White

Cloth is a great way to add style to any event. It plays an important role in establishing the colors of your wedding and really making the first impression of your reception. The first thing that comes to mind for most is the linen needed for the table setting. So much can be done to define your wedding by choosing the right textures and colors for your table decorations. And of course, don’t forget the chairs! Chairs can be decorated with covers, caps, sashes, or bows. If you have chosen the beautiful chiavari chairs then you may want to keep the decorating more minimalistic such as a sash or sheer cover.

Cloth decorated arch



Cloth drapery can be used to further decorate your reception hall’s ceiling, doorways, and to create separation between rooms. This can enhance the ambiance of any room as the cloth creates a soft, subtle feeling that will keep your guests in the moment.
Decorating with cloth does not have to be done just at the reception. Decorating the altar can add a personal touch to any wedding. A wedding arch made of cloth can enhance the romantic feeling as the cloth flows in the wind at any outdoor wedding. No matter what your venue is, keep in mind the great things that can be done with cloth!


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