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Christmas Lights and Tents

There is something beautiful about a bright white blanket of snow for your event. Michigan has been unseasonably warm this year but the snow will soon come! Even when it gets a bit colder, keep in mind you can still hold an outdoor event! A tent, and some well-placed heaters, can provide the needed coverage to keep your guests warm. Additionally, you can add some side walls to protect from the wind. Adding a marquee entrance is the perfect way to usher your guests into your winter wonderland event.Now that you are able to take advantage of the ambiance that
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Consider the Lighting

When you are planning an outdoor event you have the added bonus of beautiful natural lighting. Whether it is sunny, overcast, or even a bit rainy, the light will contribute to the ambiance of the event and provide the inspiration to your photographer. As the sun sets there is a subtle, more romantic, change to the atmosphere as well. If you choose to continue your event after dark this is the time that the lighting you choose will shine.Beyond ambiance, lighting serves a purpose. You want to make sure that the focus of your event stays on the tables, dance
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Overcome the Weather

If you are holding an outdoor event, there is no bigger variable than the weather. You may be worrying about the rain, the heat, or even the sun and no matter how often you check the forecast you really won’t be assured until the event day comes! One way to really put yourself at ease is to rent a tent for one of your events.There are many tent options available that will help you beat the weather. On a hot, sunny day they provide much needed shade to you and your guests. A fan can also be mounted to the side
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